Mr. S. Nawaz
20 Years Old Sinusitis Cured

I was suffering from sinusitis for 20 years. I had few other allergic and gastric issues also. I started the treatment at the Pastakia’s Homeopathy Clinic and I got excellent results with homeopathy in all my complaints.

Mr. V. Shah
Homeopathy Is Always with Us

We have been receiving homeopathic treatment at Pastakia’s Homeopathy Clinic since years for any kind of health-related issues whether big or small, we are getting excellent results in all our health issues.

Mr. K. Pokal
Kidney Stone Removed Within 20 Days

I was having a 6mm kidney stone since last few years, consulted many doctors and was almost getting ready for the surgery. Thankfully, one of my friends suggested me to visit Pastakia’s Homeopathy Clinic, their treatment got my kidney stone absolutely removed in less than 20 days.

Mrs. M. Singh
Homeopathy Is Best Treatment for Knee Joint Pain

After taking homeopathic treatment from Dr. Naznin, my arthritis had improved a lot from past 4 months. I can walk with confidence now.

Mr. S. Kapadia
7 Years Old Allergy Cured

My allergy complaint since last 7 years got 90% cured only within 3 months of Homeopathic treatment from Dr. Naznin Pastakia without any side effects, it was a real miracle for me because I was totally exhausted with different kind of treatments since long.

Mrs. A. Agarwal
Relief from Itchy Psoriasis

I got super result in my psoriasis, from Dr. Naznin ‘s Homeopathic treatment, my patches have started reducing & itching is no more, my good wishes with Dr. Naznin for her great success.

Mr. P. Gairola
Arthritis Joint Pain Cured

I am 46 years old and struggled with severe joint pains and was unable to lift my hand up and I was depending on others for my daily activity. After taking 1 year of treatment at Pastakia’s Homeopathy Clinic I feel all my joints are flexible and I am able to do all my work without depending on others.

Mrs. P. Goyal
Relief from Diabetes

I was suffering from diabetes for 5 years along with lot of swelling, pain and fever. While getting treatment from Dr. Naznin, within 2 weeks my ulcer got dried and sugar level has also been controlled.

Mrs. D. Rao
Burning Feet Sensation

I had a burning sensation in the feet. I had been to few hospitals but didn't help. I was referred to Dr. Naznin by one of my colleagues. After few weeks of treatment, I fell a great relief.

Mrs. S.S. Laxman
Severe Eczema Relief

My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Naznin for curing me of my severe eczema. After few months of treatment, I was completely cured and there hasn't been a relapse since then.

Mr. K. Kumar
5 Out Of 5 Star

It is very nice to see such a genuine Homeopathic Services being given for such a noble cause. Miraculous result can be obtained from Homoeopathy in cases of Cancer. I wish you all the very best for future, to promote Homeopathy, as it is a magic of science.

Mr. R. Natrajan
TB Infection Gone Like a Miracle

I had taken the service of Pastakia’s Homeopathy Clinic few months ago. It is quite unbelievable for me that my TB infection disappeared in one-week time. I am still not able to believe homoeopathy is so fast!!